Abe Kinney


Abe Kinney, AIA


After years of involvement in various fabrication construction projects in Louisiana, Abe Kinney decided to continue his education at Louisiana State University, where he received a Master of Architecture. While in school, Abe supplemented his education with independent fabrication research classes and collaborated with different departments to accomplish several fabrication projects. His fabrication experience, along with his extensive knowledge in all areas of the architecture process, have providing him with a true understanding of the “big picture” as well as the minute details.

Since joining DNA, Abe has gained extensive experience collaborating with various manufacturers, heading up many of the firm’s fabrication focused projects. These collaborations each represent an opportunity to engage his problem solving skills and detail-oriented approach, leading to functional, unique, and aesthetically pleasing products. His thorough understanding of fabrication processes is continuously growing through training seminars, research, and experimentation in the DNA workshop.